We Are OTA Expert
We Maximize Revenue

Ensure your hotel gets highest revenue-share from online travel agencies using our technology!

We Are OTA Expert
We Optimize Prices

Save resources on revenue management via the smart-pricing recommendations of our algorithms!

We Are OTA Expert
We Analyze Competitors

Explore how your hotel performs amongst its competitors and see if you're in the right track!

We Are OTA Expert
We Are Hoteliers

Make use of our state-of-art technology on a simple to use interface designed by hoteliers!

We Are OTA Expert
We Are Affordable

Get an affordable, highly-effective countermeasure against the international hotel chains!

We Are OTA Expert
Maximize Your Revenue-Share!

Leading technology for hotel revenue management including intelligent algorithms for analyzing your competitors, optimizing your future prices and maximizing the revenue-share of your hotel within the online travel agency market.

We're Scientists
State-of-Art Algorithms

OTA Expert maximizes the revenue-share of your hotel on online travel agencies by providing smart-price recommendations derived by state-of-art machine-learning algorithms developed by top-notch experts.

We're Flexible
Analyzing Competitors

OTA Expert implements an optimal price strategy for your hotel basaed on collective intelligence by analyzing the market and your competitors without requiring any data from the PMS of your hotel.

We're Hoteliers
Easy-to-Use Technology

OTA Expert's cloud-based software does not require any setup or training for making precise revenue management on simple to use interfaces designed for hoteliers by reputable industry professionals.

We're International
Supported Cities

OTA Expert is available only for the most competitive markets of the travel industry including London, Paris, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Dubai, Istanbul and more!

Smart-Price Suggestion

Smart-prices simplifies the daily price-positioning task of revenue-managers of hotels by showing minimum knowledge that would lead to an intelligent decision and helps them to implement an optimal dynamic pricing strategy for perishable hotel rooms. Smart-pricing SaaS gives them a distinct competitive advantage for maximizing their revenue in OTA market and increases their overall profits by an average of 8%.

We Analyze Competitors
We Optimize Your Prices

Enhancing and simplfying the dynamic-pricing task of revenue-managers of independent hotels for perishable hotel rooms within the highly-competitive online travel agency market having elastic demand from cost-sensitive customers.

Elastic Demand
Competitive Markets

Major touristic cities are highly competitive markets, where the perishable supply of hotel rooms overweighs the elastic demand.

Online Booking
Cost-Sensitive Travelers

Online booking is the preferred method of cost-sensitive travelers. Turn them into your guests and boost your online revenue!

Similar Hotels
Price/Utility Decisions

Travelers make their decisions by evaluating the price/utility ratio of hotels from a number of ranked selections of similar qualities.

Dynamic Prices
Against Competitors

Hotels cannot dynamically change their qualities but they can dynamically alter their rates against their competitors.

Risk-Free Trial
Discover True Potential

Participate to our commitment-free one-month-trial program to discover the real potential of your hotel without any risk.

Annual Reports
Guest Review Analysis

OTA Expert publishes data-analysis reports of major online travel agency markets and offers complimentary tools for guest review analysis.


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  • Real-Time Comp-Prices
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  • Real-Time Comp-Prices
  • Real-Time Smart-Prices
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Experts in Action

Interdisciplinary team of experts with top domain knowledge working together for maximizing your hotel's online revenue.

  • Kamer Ali YUKSEL

Kamer Ali YUKSEL
CEO / Chief Technology Officer

Kamer is a PhD-level Computer Scientist and an expert in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. He founded OTA Expert after having worked in Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and Microsoft Research.


VP of Business Development

Burak is an Asset Manager and a Consultant in Hotel Development and Operations. He previously worked for Servus International and Hilton Worldwide. He played the key-role in adapting the technology for the hotel industry.

  • Huseyin Mahir FIRAT

Huseyin Mahir FIRAT
VP of Sales and Marketing

Huseyin is a Growth Hacker, Interactive Experience Designer, e-Commerce Usability, Social Media Marketing, Search-Engine Optimization and Conversion Strategy Consultant.



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